What can you find to be joyful about in the busy time?
Take the challenge!!

Do you find time passing so quickly in the fall? I know I do! 

Last week in the middle of a busy time, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts (Confidence on the Go) and was reminded to take time out to SAVOR all of the blessings around me. 

Do you ever need reminders like this?

At the end of the podcast, Trish gave us a challenge to write down 15 Reasons to Savor the Season we’re in–whether that’s a time of abundance and joy, or even a time of trial and discouragement. There’s always something to be grateful for. 

That night before bed, I decided to write out my list–and it didn’t really take me long at all!

Check out the podcast here!

Savoring this time in my business…

1. Helping clients step into brave new territories.
2. My office is at my favorite coffee shop–Round Mountain Coffee!
3. Successful Goal Setting Workshop
4. Attended an awesome conference in Nashville, the Business Boutique with Christy Wright
5. Enjoy building my new business.

My family and friends…

6. Spending time with my kids!
7. Attending the grocery store during the day so that it doesn’t take away from family time.
8. Teenage daughter with whom I can have character building discussions
9. A husband that loves and cares for me
10. Supportive, Christian friends
11. Lena and Glendon are so much fun and I love watching them grow, change, and learn new things
12. Close family relationships

Other life…

13. The beautiful fall weather and changing leaves.
14. Flexible schedule with time for exercise and self-care.
15. Making new connections with people in my community every week!

Now, I pass this challenge on to you! Set aside 10-15 minutes TODAY to consider both the small and large blessings and things to SAVOR during this busy, and often stressful, holiday season. It will be like taking a breath of fresh air!

Please share them with me via Facebook, Instagram, email, or another favorite way! (Use the buttons below to access Social Media pages.)

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