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Break free from the chaos

Become empowered with the tools you need to balance your thoughts, attention, and emotions.

Signs that you may have a neurodivergent brain:


  • Trouble maintaining attention and focus
  • Struggle to get and stay organized
  • Difficulty finishing important projects
  • Hard time maintaining social relationships
  • Difficulty regulating emotions 
  • Heightened or decreased sensitivity to stimuli such as sound, light, touch, or taste

We want to help you manage ADHD.

Whether you feel like your world is spiraling out of control or you simply need tools and support to better understand how your brain works, Leia provides practical solutions to managing your emotions, thoughts, and attention so you can feel more balanced in all areas of your life.

We want to help you…

  • Stay focused during day-to-day tasks
  • Build and maintain important relationships
  • Learn how to refocus when overwhelmed

Break free from the chaos of your brain and start improving your motivation, focus, and inspiration!

Meet Your Coach

Leia Morshedi

Leia is a certified ADHD Coach specializing in working with neurodivergent adults. She is especially passionate about helping women find focus and confidence in working with their brain instead of against it! Leia has helped her clients achieve a better sense of self through regulating and monitoring their time management, working memory, self control, boundaries, and decision making.

Just four years ago I was in a storm of burnout, anxiety, and imbalance. My marriage was in trouble, I just started a new job, and I was working from home with a busy 4 year old! I knew self-coaching, and self-discovery were the keys to nurturing myself and measuring up at work. I was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety at 9 years old, so I knew that was the place to start. I needed to understand myself and move forward in a positive way.

I began to work WITH my brain instead of AGAINST it.

Fast forward 3.5 years and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you!

Your Journey to

Become Empowered & Achieve Success

Develop A Plan For Success

Break free from the chaos

Meet With Your Coach

Coaching Sessions

ADHD Coaching Discovery Call


  • A casual 30 minute chat where I get to know you and your concerns or symptoms, and we can brainstorm ways coaching can help you achieve focus and balance for your daily life.

Just Ask Leia!


  • During our 30-minute session, ask me anything that will help you or someone you love achieve a better sense of self including topics of management, working memory, self-control, boundaries, and decision making.

Find Your Focus

Focus on Purpose Workshops

Focus on Purpose #1


  • Are you ready to get laser-focused this year? Join us for “Focus on Purpose” and learn how to do just that!
    You’ll begin to understand and break down the obstacles that are getting in your way and dwindling your mental capacity to focus and GET THINGS DONE.
    Whether you’ve written down your goals or have only thought about them, this workshop is designed to get you activiated and stay the course to make 2024 the year you Focus on Purpose!