Fall is a busy time with back-to-school, sports, kids’ extra-curricular activities, and holiday festivities looming. Plan NOW for a calendar that’s in YOUR control and experience a season with balance, harmony, and time for YOU!!

Alarm goes off, pull yourself out of bed, and rise the sleepy children. An hour later, you and the kids speed out the door with stuffed backpacks, lunches squeezed in the sack, and breakfast in your hand. You make it to work just in time for your first appointment of the day and things rush on. After school is full of activities for the kids, obligations at church, that committee that you immediately regretted joining, and feeding the family a healthy(??) dinner. The end of the long day includes falling into bed confused about where all of your time is going. What a life!!

Are you ready to make a change??

Before you start adding endless activities and commitments to your schedule this fall, consider taking a few moments to consider these questions. Take each suggestion as a separate thought and make a deliberate choice. Talk it over with your partner–it will affect the whole family, right? Continue reading and I’ll briefly unpack each question.

1. Is there margin?
What commitments have you already made? Is there time for rest? How about surprises? 
2. How does this serve my mission, vision, and goals?
God created you and gave you special gifts, talents, and passion for the world and the people in it. What are those gifts, talents, and passions? Does this activity give you opportunity to use them in a way that will positively impact those in your family and/or community?
3. What will I have to give up?
Each of us only have 24 hours in a day. There’s no way around that! When you choose to do one activity, you are saying no to everything else you could be doing at that time. What are you giving up when you say yes? Are you sure that’s ok with you?
4. What will I gain?
What rewards come along with this activity? External and internal are worth equal consideration. Let’s not only consider what we give up, but also what we gain!
5. What impact will this have on my family?
Will it take away important time together? Or add to it? Will my children see that others in our family or community have needs and appreciate the times that are special just for them?

Friends, let me know what you think! Are these questions as helpful to you as they have been to me? Or, do you have other considerations that you take into account when adding/subtracting from your calendar? Please share!! And, you’re welcome to save the graphic below for help remembering these tips.

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