How do women, as relational beings and often caretakers at home and work, protect and guard our emotions?
Part 4 of 4 in the Margin series.

Raise your hand if you spend a good deal of your time thinking of the emotional needs of others around you–kids, spouse, employees, clients, friends, parents, etc……the list just keeps on going! ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

That gets exhausting! 

If we want to truly do a good job of taking care of our own emotional health and tending to the emotions of others, we have to create some margin.

In order to help you identify some areas that are draining your emotional energy, try the free pdf


Energy Drainers

And, once you’ve discovered the items that drain your energy, you can make a plan for improvement! Read on to get a couple tips!

Cultivate Quality Relationships

Many of the strategies for creating emotional margin have to do with quality relationships with others:

  • Create social support systems (Mom support groups, church small group, neighborhood alliances, business groups, prayer circles, group exercise, etc.)
  • Fix, mend, or otherwise resolve relationships
  • Serve others
  • Get a pet

Take care of your soul

Other high impact strategies are food for the soul

  • Take time to rest
  • Laugh, cry, scream….in other words, show and honor your emotions. Don’t repress them.
  • Set boundaries
  • Create a vision of emotional harmony
  • Show gratitude to yourself, others, and God
  • Be rich in grace, faith, hope, and love