We’re about a year into this pandemic…how are you?

For 11 months now, you’ve been pivoting your business, managing children at home and school, possibly working from home or from strained in-person situations, navigating quarantines, mourning missed holiday traditions, and missing your favorite vacations. Girl, me too!

Yes, there have been bright sides to this past 11 months, and many times I’m happy to point them out, celebrate them, and bring them to light. Right now, however, I want to make sure we talk about the very real and very prevalent fact that countless women are hitting what Tanzina Vega so aptly called the “Pandemic Wall.” 

We’ve powered through the ups and downs of the last year like champs! But, seemingly all of a sudden, we’re reaching the end of our proverbial rope, petering out, and wondering if we have enough stamina to keep this up any longer. Business women are approaching burnout.

Part of the struggle is coming from the outside–too many demands are being placed on our time, there seems to be a new stressor every day (pandemic numbers, economic concerns, political events, not to mention personal issues), and we assume high expectations for ourselves.

Quite frankly, most of the high standards are NOT placed on us only from outside sources. In fact, many times we do it to ourselves. Who is holding themselves to the same pre-pandemic standards, even in this crazy time? Yep. There’s a wake-up call. 

And, finally, we fool ourselves that we can “Be everything to everyone.” 

Yes! I can teach my kids!

Yes! I can solve this business problem!

Yes! My house looks like a magazine cover!

Yes! I’ve learned how to bake sourdough bread!

Yes! I can plan the Socially-Distanced Birthday Party!

My friend…me too!!! You are ABSOLUTELY not alone! And, here’s the thing, we need to be vulnerable with each other and share our struggles. I know that we all do that comparison game–

”How come SHE has it all put together?”

“HER family is thriving through this year!”

“How can HER business be successful right now?”

You never know, someone could be looking at YOU and thinking those things!! 

I appreciate Brene Brown’s words on the topic, “Vulnerability is not winning or losing. It’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.”

Let me tell you, I’ve been there myself this year. I’ve been grateful for the close friends and professionals that have been able to be there for me and walk with me through vulnerability and my tough moments. I’ve also walked through burn out with friends and family in different seasons of life (burnout has been around for longer than just the last year!). In fact, burnout can be a common affliction for professionals with families at home.

With my personal experience and training as a coach I’ve learned how to look at the big picture, connect that vision to our day-to-day activities, and time block for both productivity and rest. And, I’d like to help you do the same! Throughout the month of February, I’m going to take you on a journey called, “Dear Burnt Out Businesswoman.” I’ll show you the precise steps you need to take to:

  1. Kick Distractions to the Curb
  2. Set Boundaries
  3. Integrate Think Time
  4. Learn to Delegate

When unchecked, the beginnings of burnout can lead to more serious cases. Extreme isolation and depression are places we want to avoid! (If you’re already there, I encourage you to seek out a mental health professional. I have excellent references if you need one.)

So, I encourage you to listen closely this month! Follow my blog, watch for my videos on social (FB & Insta), and open your emails. See if the tips I share start to make a positive difference in your energy levels and daily choices.

If you participate with me, I believe that you will begin to experience healing. You’ll find yourself managing your life and expectations more reasonably. Reaching your goals will become a joy again and you’ll feel more fulfilled.

If you notice that the tips I share are helping you, but you would like more individualized attention, then please get on my schedule for a Discovery Coaching Call. We can chat and see if private coaching will help you design a life of harmony and balance.

You can get on my schedule here!

Be Blessed, My Friends!

Let’s look at that “Pandemic Wall”, approach it with caution, and help each other scale it successfully!