How to make the small chunks of time in our days. Even busy moms can do it!

This question came up Friday as we rounded up our first session of the Time Management Book Club and I suggested to the ladies sitting around the table that they read 1/3 of the book I Know How She Does It by next Friday.

That’s a legit question! And, believe me, I’ve asked it myself a number of times.

When I became a coach, I knew that reading would have to take an even higher priority in my day than it did before and I would have to find the time to do it on a consistent basis. Whenever I ask my clients to read, just know that I’m reading, too. At least as much as them (and many times more than I’m asking them.)

I’m going to share with you how to find small chunks of time to read. Ideas that I’ve used myself, my clients use on a regular basis, and that I’ve heard from others that consistently consume the written word.

As you scan the rest of this email, consider how this can relate to other tasks that you’d like to “find time” for in your busy life.

Two helpful tips:
1. Do it in little chunks of time.
2. Make it easy. Set yourself up for success.

…Happy Reading!

This relates to any activity that you want to “find time” for in your busy life:

Break tasks down into smaller, more achievable pieces.
Then, make it easier to “do the thing”.

Little chunks of time…

  • waiting in the school pick up line
  • while I eat breakfast and/or lunch
  • waiting for an appointment
  • hiding from my kids in the bathroom (or the closet, or the garage before you enter the house…please tell me you do these things, too!! LOL!!)
  • while dinner is in the oven
  • during my daughter’s bath
  • while getting a pedi or fresh highlights
  • first thing in the morning
  • before bed at night
  • on a road trip
  • while the kids are watching TV

Make it easy…

  • Always carry a book
  • Go to the library 
  • Keep a list of books you’d like to read (I use Goodreads and I’d love to connect with you on that platform!)
  • Alternate between fiction and non-fiction
  • Audio books and/or podcasts
  • Kindle (for reading only, lightweight, no distracting social media)
  • Make it a family event