It’s scary stuff! Let’s take a look at why fear is a good thing and some tips for working through it.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear…

The best places to build your confidence are those places where you already have natural interests, talents, and gifts. Do you know those areas within yourself?

If you need help with this, try some behavior assessments, strength finders, or spiritual gifts surveys. These are an essential step to the coaching process. Follow the button below to go to a free DISC assessment that I use with my own clients.

Look at those attitudes or activities that are within your strengths and are positive, but make you feel uncomfortable or unsure. This is where your confidence will experience the most growth.
Some examples from my own life:

  • Giving a presentation to a group of teachers.
  • Going to a meeting full of strangers to share about my business.
  • Moving to a new place and making friends.
DISC Personality Strengths Finder

The Comfort Zone

Many of you have probably seen or heard of the comfort zone and that the “magic” happens outside of that safe place around us. I really like this illustration because there is a difference between doing something outside of your comfort zone that produces good things and helps you move forward and something that is so far outside that it’s in a danger zone.
Like jumping out of a plane.
No thanks.

Here is what has been the most amazing thing about it!

For me, and I suspect for you too, growing in confidence is a scary activity because it involves a constant stream of new things. I work on a new “scary” activity for a while (like writing blogs–haha–bet you didn’t know this was scary to me!!) and then, without even noticing, I settle in. I’ve gained a level of confidence. Then, one day I look back and notice that things I once thought were “scary” are suddenly easy and second nature! (I have NOT reached that point with blogs, by the way!!)

Final tips on Growing in Confidence….for now!
10. Work within your strengths.
11. Look back and take note of the areas in which you’ve already gained confidence. And celebrate them.
12. Speak positive words over your situation.
13. You may appear more confident on the outside than you feel on the inside. And that’s ok.