Our self-image can take quite a beating in a world filled with media images, comparisons on social media, and the fears and failures that we perceive around us. 

The obvious difference between these two photos is apparent right away. No, a polished look on the outside does not equal a healthy inside but, it can be an indicator of deeper things. What you can’t see in the young mother on the left is the insecurity, self-doubt, and shyness that kept some of my greatest gifts tucked away for few to see or experience. Thirteen years later, what has happened on the outside is most definitely a reflection of the inner strength and confidence I feel as a child of God that has been brought to this world for a specific purpose and work.  

Many of you know that my “confidence” journey began when I started as a Jewelry Lady, over 10 years ago. What a special place to hear repeatedly that God doesn’t make junk. That God loves me and created me on purpose with a plan.

Before Premier Designs, I didn’t feel beautiful or womanly. God strategically put me in an environment where I was surrounded by women who were lifting me up to respect myself enough to put on the pretty clothes, wear the jewelry, style my hair, and wear makeup.

Now, I’m going to repeat, this is not to say that outside appearance is everything or what is even important. But, it was a significant part of building my own self-confidence.

Another key here, is that I was learning what it takes to run my own business–a confidence builder, for sure. And I saw many successful women around me–all different shapes, sizes, ethnicity, and ages. God sure does have amazing workmanship!

God’s word builds me up!

Of course, God knows the fears and insecurities that are residing deep within. The words of Psalm 139 have spoken to my heart from the moment I first read them. Oh, the blessed assurance to know that God knit me together in my mother’s womb and thinks that I’m wonderfully made! Even now, God knows the words on my lips and the thoughts in my head. And still God loves me. 
Now, that’s quite a confidence boost!

Fill your ears with confidence!

Trish Blackwell is the host of one of my favorite podcasts, Confidence on the Go. This episode outlines some easy ways to build confidence in your own life. I encourage you to give it a listen! There may be some ways that speak right to your heart and your need.

Listen to the podcast here

What we’ve learned about Growing in Confidence so far…
1. It happens over time.
2. You’re worth it!
3. You must surround yourself with positive people.
4. Allow God’s word to speak into your heart.
5. Listen to and learn from experts in the field.