I’m so thankful to be celebrating 7 years of coaching!

Through these years I’ve found the need to evolve many times and in many different ways.

I can very easily identify three evolutions:

  1. Starting my coach training and working with my first clients in a local coffee shop (shout out to Round Mountain for their cozy atmosphere and Zeteo for their awesome conference room!). Coaching with a cup of coffee and a notepad across a table. (ok, so I haven’t evolved past the need for the coffee and a notepad! 😉 )
  2. Finding my “just right” office in downtown conway (shout out to The Studio Downtown for always being awesome!!). Now, I didn’t need to meet clients in a coffee shop, I could invite them to a consistent location. That was a step up in professionalism AND in seriousness. Now, I have a bill to pay every month!
  3. Inviting other coaches to join me in my mission to help people with their faith, family, and career. This one was a doozy (and still is!!) To be able to expand the mission is exciting!! But, I was just supposed to be doing this “thing on the side” right, God??? I’m just a mom. I’m just a former teacher. Who am I to be building a legit business that is responsible for other people??!!

And now…good grief…I’m feeling a new call from God to continue to evolve. To level up in my leadership and calling to serve. What does that mean? I’m not entirely sure yet.

But, here’s what I do know:

God doesn’t call those who are perfectly equipped or bright and shiny on the outside. God uses regular people–like you and me–to do miraculous things in God’s name. Well, I’m all about that. So, I guess it’s time to EVOLVE! Here I am Lord, send me.

What do I mean when I say EVOLVE? How is that different from other types of growth or progression?

Growing is taking baby steps and making progress toward your goal. It’s taking the resources, talents, and abilities that you have easily in reach and making the most of them. It’s slightly reaching out of your comfort zone and then coming back for a rest. Honestly, it’s where you should be spending most of your time!

But then, sometimes you are growing and doing the things and you notice they’re not having the same impact. It’s not hitting in the same way. You’re not making the progress you were previously. You hit a ceiling.

This is confusing! You might say to yourself, “I’m doing the same things…I’m taking the same steps, but I’m not making progress and I keep bumping up against this ceiling. What is going on? Why isn’t this working for me anymore?”

This is a sign. It’s a sign that it’s time to EVOLVE

That could be described as the easy version! For others of us, it’s a blow up. The dissolution of a marriage. The ending of a business. Losing a comfortable job. A frightening health scare. A circumstance that stops us dead in our tracks and says, “There is NO WAY life can continue in the way it did before. You need to learn a new way.”

Another sign that it’s time to EVOLVE.

It’s time to level up, my friend!

It’s time for a new mindset, a new perspective.

Maybe this looks like a new goal in your personal life, a new level in your career, a fresh way of looking at things that you’ve been looking at for a long time.

Its time to EVOLVE

What do I do next??

I always recommend surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded individuals who will support and encourage you to level up. It could be a community of business people, a church group, or a social group. Make sure they are people that are grounded in values similar to yours and that they have an optimistic outlook on life. This is going to be a time of challenge for you–there’s no room for Negative Nellies!! 

Take Notice!

Where are the areas where you have been stagnant? Where have you noticed there has been a “slide” of what you’ve been willing to accept? What mindset shifts/growth do you need to have?

Then, as you begin to take this new place in the world, watch out for that evil friend–imposter syndrome!!! Expect it, and be ready. Imposter Syndrome can be one of the biggest liars in your life.

“I was waiting for you IMPOSTER SYNDROME!! You’re not going to make me think this was a bad choice or that I’m not in the right place. I knew this was coming and I’m going to keep moving forward anyway.”

It’s going to feel uncomfortable. You might feel out of place.

Imposter syndrome is going to creep back in but that just means that it’s time to make a new plan

Get some fresh people, some fresh resources, and start to work on that growth plan again

Let me assure you, you CAN find harmony in your faith, family, and career even as you see that it’s time to level up and evolve.

I am excited for what’s coming in 2024…and I don’t even know what all of it is!!! I bet you are, too.

My friends,

My prayer for you is to…

Make an Impact. Leave a Legacy.