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Do you have a difficult time prioritizing your personal health goals when things get busy with your family or business?

Do you find it confusing to navigate all the conflicting health “advice” and gimmicks that seem to be around all the time?

We want to help you…

  • Find time for personal health with a busy schedule
  • Create a plan that works for the whole family
  • Get off the diet roller coaster
  • Make sustainable change
  • Prioritize your health
  • Not be a victim of diet culture

Meet Your Coach

Millie Goins

Millie is excited to guide her clients along the journey from health victim to victor!

As a military spouse and mother of three, she knows exactly what it takes to step into the role of Health Hero and she enjoys sharing her gifts and expertise to educate, equip, and empower people to achieve better health.

During Millie’s 20 years of clinical nutrition and healthcare experience (BS in Dietetics, IBCLC, ACE Certified Health Coach), she has worked with the entire lifespan, prenatal to beyond long-term care. She has natural talents in working with people in diversified settings.

She’s committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all people seeking access to health and wellness resources.

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