Part 3 of a 3 part series about the lies we tell ourselves and how to replace them with God’s truth.

5 Lies That Make It Hard to Believe We’re Amazing
(from You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth)

1. I have to be perfect.
2. I need to be more like her.
3. I don’t have anything to offer.
4. Being confident will make me prideful and selfish.
5. I am who others say I am.

**Selena’s Personal Lie: I’m not the best person for the job. Someone else can do it better than me.

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Lie #4: Being confident will make me prideful and selfish.

Let’s consider for a minute the difference between insecurity and humility.

Insecurity: uncertainty or anxiety about oneself
Humility: a modest, or low view of one’s own importance; putting others ahead of yourself

Each one of us has an inherent value that was lovingly placed inside of us by our Creator. We need to feel confident about the special gifts, talents, and skills that we’ve been given so that we may serve others with them. Then, we will be acting with true humility, putting others ahead of ourselves.

Lie #5: I am who others say I am.

The first Beth Moore study I ever did was Believing God. We practiced the mantra pictured here weekly and it was great for fighting against this lie.

The belief in GOD that lies at the foundation of this is what holds the most strength. Once I believe in GOD, all of the other beliefs fall in line and hold up.

It kind of goes along with the confidence lie above, doesn’t it? I think confidence in God will bring confidence in ourselves and we’ll be  able to more completely fulfill our role here on Earth.

Who is around you building up your confidence rather than tearing it down?
A couple of suggestions, if you’re looking:
**small group
**prayer partner
**trusted friend
**pastor or spiritual leader
**life coach
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