You’ve been noticing the fancy logo, appreciating the ideas in these posts and (hopefully!) looking forward to more, and maybe you’ve even heard the words “life coach” around, but you’re not really sure what a life coach is. Let me unpack this a little bit for you.

Helping you bridge the gap….

from where you are now to where you want to be.

This is the main focus of a life coach.

Coaching is a partnership between two equals, one of whom (ME!!) has skills, experiences, or perspectives that can be useful to another. I can help you build a vision for the future and move forward in pursuit of your goals.

Some specific things a coach can help you do:

  • expand your vision
  • clarify core values
  • build confidence
  • increase your skills
  • take practical steps toward goals

My Mission:
To help women find harmony with their faith, family, and career.

Feel pulled in many directions?

My expertise is in helping women identify their core values which then helps them decide where to put their attention with their every day tasks–guilt free!! 

You are the driver!

Coaching is client-driven–which means we do an assessment of where your greatest struggles and areas of growth are currently. Then, you decide what you want to work on and how to move forward, all with the guidance and expertise of a coach.