We’re a month into summer and all your ideas for fun are already used up??
Read on for some fresh, new ways to keep the kids active this summer.

Here we are enjoying the Moat Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida. If you’re ever in the area, you should stop by!

I’ve heard from several of my clients (and am living first-hand myself!!!) about the difficulty (and fun, too!) that is summer vacation. We find it challenging to navigate work-life balance during the busy school year, and summer brings change to that “balance” and normalcy that we experience the rest of the year. Yes, there’s a lot of fun and relaxation in summer, but we moms often have the same work that we still must accomplish among all of the “fun.”

Well, you may have had energy and plan for the first few weeks of summer (or maybe not! ??), but I know several of you are running out of ideas!

I’ve gathered up a few of my favorites and, if you’ll share some of yours too, together we can inspire each other with new ideas!

Free/Low Cost Activities

These are our go-to activities. The ones we can work in to our schedule on a weekly basis

  • Library. Our library has so many fun activities for kids of all ages. We love it!
  • Picnics–at the park, in a tree house, on the living room floor
  • Popsicle parties (hey, mix a Popsicle with music, or as a tasty treat after playing outside and it feels like a party!)
  • Ice Cream parties (see above for party requirements?)
  • Berry picking
  • Cooking (especially when you have fresh berries from picking!) My kids love home made rice krispies treats
  • Crafting–watercolors, craft sticks, pearler beadsslimeplaydough

Activities that Encourage Goals

We love these activities, too. Every year we ask our kids what THEY would like to learn or accomplish this summer. They usually come up with a variety of ideas!

Pinterest can be a wonderful resource for fun games and ideas to encourage these tasks. This is a picture of Glendon practicing multiplication tables with sidewalk chalk a couple summers ago.

  • Multiplication Tables
  • Swimming
  • Riding a bike
  • Reading list
  • Finding a unicorn (This was Lena’s idea this year. She’s 5. Can you guys help me come up with a creative solution to help her on her quest??!!)
  • Summer Bucket List
  • Sight Words

Special Activities

These are things that we can do very sparingly throughout the summer. We need to save up for them. And sometimes the grandparents will help us out.

  • Science kits–Here are my kids enjoying their kit from Kiwi Co. It’s a subscription science kit that Glendon received for a Christmas gift. It kept both of them happily playing for practically an entire day.
  • Day/Overnight Camps–Ferncliff Camp & Conference Center has our favorite summer camp options. National Black Belt Academy is a new option for day camp opportunities in Conway, AR. I love their heart for children and they are always keeping the kids busy. They have daily and weekly options available. Glendon LOVES the instructors and all the skills he’s learned in Taekwon Do.

My final tip for keeping sane this summer, is to block off time for work AND time for play–both for you and your kids. Chores, routines, quiet time, are just as important over summer as they are during the school year. But, summer is also a natural time to play and enjoy time together. Be deliberate as you make time for BOTH this summer.

Please share some of your favorite summer activities!