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Time blocking is one of our secret weapons around here, and I love training our clients on how to use this tool to be more efficient and productive with their time. 

This skill WILL help you move the needle forward in quality time with your family, reaching your goals, and growing your business.



Go from scattered and distracted to focused and determined


Stay on track to reach your goals



Know what’s coming so you can be prepared


Time Freedom!

Save time for the things (and people) you love most

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I help women design a life that aligns with their values and priorities.

As a trained and experienced coach, I am specially equipped to walk beside each of you on your personal journey toward achieving your goal, becoming a better professional, and serving your family. And, I know the steps and choices it takes to get there. It’s not a prescribed journey and recipe. It’s highly individualized and relevant.

I’d be honored to work with YOU in finding HARMONY with your faith, family, and career.