Are you tired of feeling low energy and sluggish?
Get a couple of ideas for how to create space for physical energy.
Part 3 of 4 based on the book Margin by Richard Swenson
(See Part 1: Margin with our Time & Part 2: Margin with our Finances)

Honestly, I think this is one of the most difficult areas for over-worked moms to address…


Because there are so many others depending on us for their physical care and well-being!

  • Children needing healthy meals that they’ll actually EAT
  • The hectic nature of bath and bed time for littles
  • Making sure our spouses, who are also likely over-worked, have time for their own rest and health
  • And the list goes on!

We often feel the time we take to care for our physical bodies is selfish and low priority. What we forget in the moment, however, is how much our physical health affects our performance in all other areas. 

How can we have the patience we desire with those tired, cranky kiddos when we’re tired and cranky ourselves?
Where’s the quality time with our spouse when we fall in to bed exhausted every night?
How can we be productive with our work day when we’re relying on coffee to give us the energy we need? (Guilty!!?‍♀️☕) 

So, let’s do better! Let’s choose to take care of our physical energy, not as a selfish concern, but so that we can better serve those that we are called to around us! 

There are three main areas where we can consider adding margin in our physical energy:

  • Exercise–we’re out of shape and thus experience physical exhaustion
  • Lack of Sleep–staying up too late, waking up early, or insomnia from stress and other factors
  • Over-eating–Making less than healthy choices because of lack of planning or stress–or maybe too many end of the school year celebrations!! (Totally me the last two weeks!!??) 

Start with a small win and build upon it

We can’t expect to address all of these areas at once. My biggest recommendation is to start with a small win and build upon it. Some suggestions:

  • Take a walk every day
  • go to bed an hour earlier (or 30 min, or 15 min–just start somewhere)
  • Pack an apple in your work bag
  • Fix a water bottle every morning

Which of these small actions (or another one??), when added up over time, can improve your physical health?

My fave resources for physical health…

…are totally personal and what I’ve found to work the best for me. Maybe you like one or two of these ideas for yourself!

  • accountability partner for workouts
  • cookbooks and groceries–it’s so much easier for me to make healthy food choices when I have ideas and a stocked kitchen!
  • pretty firm bedtime that I don’t always like, but I make few exceptions for
  • fixing a water cup every morning with fresh lemon or lime, ice, and a straw

What little things are you currently doing that add to your physical health? What would you like to add or re-commit to?