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You got into business to make a difference, not spend hours on marketing.

Are you tired of…

  • Staring at a blank screen
  • Figuring out what to put on your website
  • A poor click rate
  • Inconsistent language for your brand
  • Social media anxiety
  • Playing the analytics game
  • Not knowing how to talk about your company
  • Lacking confidence

What People Are Saying

"Drew took an active and direct role in creating a brand that is authentic and targets my ideal client. Her experience and innate creativity are a powerful combination."

Jennifer Henry, Restored Life Counseling

"Drew's marketing advice was straightforward and timely. It struck the hearts of our target audience in a whole new way."

Kandace Gerber, Graphic Designer, Walk for the Waiting

"Drew takes the overwhelming task of marketing down to simple steps. She's inspiring and fresh. Most of all, she helped me grasp the 'image' of my ideal client!"

Audrey Stoker, Independent Artist

Meet Your New Brand Hype-Squad

Drew DeFir

Here’s the thing… Drew gets it. Branding, marketing, public relations — it can be overwhelming! Drew has spent the last nine years of her career learning best practices and building brands with some of the best in the marketing and creative field. 

Drew is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build stand-out brands that are meaningful, purpose-driven and compelling. She built her own lifestyle brand where she grew an online community of 3,000+ women empowering and inspiring each other to own their story. Her creative direction and photography has been featured in LA based Darling Magazine, and Drew has written for various magazines and blogs. 

Drew truly believes your business and story have significance. She loves coaching, writing, and creating content with you to hone your message, build your business, and help you reach your clients!

Marketing Consultation

Do you have a special marketing question or need? Drew will give you advice, input, next steps, and best practices relating to:

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Print Materials

Social Media Roast

Drew will take a look at your favorite social media platform and tell you all about it–the good, the bad, and the ugly!

  • Critique of bio & pic
  • Close look at posts and grid style
  • First impressions
  • Areas of strength
  • Ideas for improvement

Brand Voice Session

Perfect for those of you that are building your business and/or personal brand.

Also perfect for those looking to train team members to take over marketing, but still maintain the high quality you’ve established.

Drew will help you talk “like you mean it!”

Social Media Strategy Session

Dig in deep with Drew on your social media strategy! Be prepared…you’re going to leave with homework!

  • Launch Prep
  • Plan for a month

Let’s take your marketing from overwhelming to focused!

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