Mighty Men Mastermind

A band of fearless brothers chasing the dream of a successful career AND family.

Make a positive IMPACT on both your family and your career.

Stop choosing between work and family.

Start playing offense with your life and goals.

Work with a committed team of fearless warriors.

Grow Profits

Reduce Distractions

Manage the Chaos

Lead at Home and at Work

Increase Confidence

“The feedback I received from the Mighty Men was priceless. Group coaching is the way for me to scale up my business!”

Brady Golden, B Golden Fitness

Meet Your Coach

Selena Ulasewich


As a trained and experienced coach, I am specially equipped to walk beside each of you on your own specific journey of becoming a better professional, and serving your family. I am actively involved in each Mastermind group to make sure discussion is focused and equitable, that we are constantly learning and growing, and that we are getting the most value from our time together.  It’s my favorite part of the week!


Virtual Meetings
Closed Chat Group
Brainstorm Sessions
Book Chats
6 men per group


Enneagram Training
Book Study
Coaching Tools
VIP Training Event


Private Coaching

Time with the coach to
lay out a game plan that’s
specific to your goals

Overcome Obstacles
Gain Perspective
Learn Skills


Weekly Check-Ins

Resources &

Group Chat

“Coaching has helped me identify and manage the challenges of entrepreneurship in marriage…. aiding us in developing boundaries, permissions, and all the tools we will need to both feel empowered and reach the outcomes we are working towards within our small business.”

Jon Mitchell, Zeteo Coffee

When are you going to stop choosing between your career and your family?


Are you ready for…

  • More quality family time
  • Energy for leadership at home and work
  • Accountability to blaze your own path and “Chase the Lion!”
  • The opportunity to labor together with brothers

“Coaching helps me organize all my thoughts and goals. It helps me remember what is truly important and what is not.”

Ryan Evans, Wayfinder Insurance

Your Path to Creating IMPACT

1. Discovery Call

A short 20 minute phone call will get you started!

2. Join Your Band of Brothers

Limit of 6 per group

3. Group Power

Experience the power of working with a group of fellow warriors, the Mighty Men.

FAQs & What’s Included

Group Mastermind Meetings

6 Group Meetings

Live & Virtual via Zoom with video and audio connection

2+ turns in the Hot Seat

Wednesdays 12:00-1:30pm CST

Private Coaching Sessions

3 private coaching sessions

1 on 1 time with the coach

45-60 minute session

Phone, video, or in-person options

Schedule during business hours, at your convenience

VIP Event

Large zoom event for all Mastermind groups together

Professional-grade Enneagram assessment and advanced Enneagram training with Coach Selena

February 16th | 4-6pm CST

Meet all Mastermind members and make connections

Special VIP gift delivery

End of Mastermind Celebration

Take the time to recognize and celebrate your growth and accomplishments with the men that have become much more than friends.

Book & Journal

We will read a book together to grown in knowledge of the enneagram, leadership, and/or personal development.

Journals are provided and make an excellent space to keep notes and track your goals.

What if I miss a group meeting?

The Mighty Men Mastermind is a live, virtual experience. The goal is to attend all group meetings. However, we all have busy and varied schedules and things come up. If you miss one or two meetings you can still make significant gains and contributions to the group. 

Payment Info

$995 covers it all!

First payment of $331.67 is due on or before January 26th

Can split into 3 payments

All major credit cards, PayPal accepted

First payment secures your seat

Group Limits & Time Frame

Only 6 seats per group, so save your seat quickly!

The Mighty Men Mastermind begins the week of January 29th and ends the week of  April 22nd, 2024.