Holley Gerth speaks truth…

When I came across one of her recent blog posts I realized that Holley and I have something in common. We share a similar, harmful old thought pattern. 


This ugly word tries its best to sneak its way into my mind and direct my thoughts. Away from LOVE, FAITH, and HEAVENLY GUIDANCE. Toward fear, comparison, and judgment.

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I SHOULD be eating that, instead of this.
I SHOULD be taking my kids out, instead of keeping them inside.
I SHOULD be volunteering my time in this extra place.
I SHOULD be working on my website.

What old thought patterns plague your mind and soul?

Maybe SHOULD is a trigger word for you, as well. But, maybe yours is something else. Maybe it’s not even a word but a place, a person, or a memory. What things clog your mind and take you away from God’s purpose for your life? 

I suggest you spend some time in prayer, asking God to open your eyes to thought patterns that need a tweak or revision.

Replace it with TRUTH

Now, I am NOT saying that the above SHOULD statements are things that would be bad for me, but the motives are definitely questionable. When I put a SHOULD in my sentence, I am most likely making a statement that is based on FEAR, not on love and God’s truth. 

Fear that I am unattractive.
Fear that my kids will be lazy.
Fear that I will be seen as not loving others.
Fear that my business will fail.
I know, from many years of working with women, that we all have unhealthy thoughts that must be retrained.

So, after you prayerfully consider what misplaced mantra or hurtful thought frequently runs through your mind, see if you can find a Biblical truth that can replace it.

Mine? This gem that was shown to me as my life verse almost 10 years ago. You’re welcome to use it if it speaks truth to your heart and soul! Or, maybe you have another verse or positive statement that you can begin to memorize and imprint on your heart for those tough times when the old thoughts come creeping in….