Part 2 in a 3 part series about the lies we tell ourselves and how to replace them with God’s truth.

5 Lies That Make It Hard to Believe We’re Amazing
(from You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth)

1. I have to be perfect.
2. I need to be more like her.
3. I don’t have anything to offer.

**Selena’s Personal Lie: I’m not the best person for the job. Someone else can do it better than me.

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Lie #3: I don’t have anything to offer.
Surely, someone else can do it better than me.

I think all of the lies we’ve covered so far have one, underlying current… “I’m not good enough.”

I particularly feel this way when I’m trying something new or that I haven’t “perfected” yet. If you don’t know this about me already, I have a tendency toward perfectionism. Anybody else??

But, if God created you on purpose and for a purpose, didn’t God give you special talents, gifts, and experiences toward that purpose? I say, yes!!

Esther’s Story: In the Right Place at the Right Time

Esther is a beautiful Bible story that illustrates this point so well. If you’ve never read it from beginning to end, I suggest you do so. But, here is a quick synopsis.

Esther is an orphan. A Jewish girl in exile, living with her single uncle, Mordecai. Somehow, she ends up in the palace, gets special treatment, and becomes the next queen! She is in prime position to affect the actions of the king. And, as it turns out, her actions and faith save the Jewish people from massacre.

Get your Bible now and read this amazing story for yourself!

God used the gifts, talents, and experiences of Esther and placed her in the presence of the king “for such a time as this.”

What have you been specifically and specially placed to accomplish? You may not be in position to save an entire race of people. But, you are in position to touch one life. 
What skills and experiences do you have that are unlike anyone else?
You’re a special combination of cells.
Someone needs to hear it, feel it, experience it, learn it from YOU.