A helpful guide is inside to help guide you through this challenging process.

Are you tired of feeling stuck and hopeless?

Maybe when you read the phrase “Start Up” you think about the newest tech company or entrepreneur fad.
That’s not what I’m talking about. 
I’m talking about trying something new–whatever that is.
Or maybe you’re more in the mood for a “Start Over”. You’d just like to rewind back to the beginning and try again.

I’ve been there! 

And last week at the Women’s Leadership Network luncheon, I was in a room that was packed to the gills with other women who have been there, too! It was exhilarating! And a little bit overwhelming. Honestly, I was shaking as I was sitting at the lunch table waiting for my turn to speak–nervous about sharing my knowledge with this sea of women.

Did I really have something to offer?
These were successful, experienced, and intelligent ladies! What were they going to learn from me??!!

Turns out, that my experience of Starting Up and Starting Over was JUST what many of these precious souls needed to hear about and my tools were helpful in working through their thoughts and creating a plan.

So, I thought I’d share it with all of you, too! 

Three years ago, my husband Mike and I knew we needed to make a change in my career. I was working hard and experiencing success, but it was not making me happy and my business wasn’t having the impact on the community (and on God’s kingdom) that I wanted.

We took a retreat away–with the intent to seek God’s will and make a new plan.

We went through a series of questions and brainstorm sessions–with fun trips to wineries, hiking excursions, and shopping trips sprinkled in, too!

Basically, we were coaching each other for Starting Over!! And….IMPACT Life Coaching was born!

It wasn’t easy, and there have been many steps (and mis-steps!) along the way, but I am absolutely sure it was time well spent and we made the right decisions.

So, I created this brainstorm guide for the women at the luncheon last week–based off the work we did on that retreat three years ago–and I’m sharing it with YOU!
Maybe you’re ready to make a change!
Maybe you have an idea you’d like to Start Up!
Maybe you’d like to Start Over.
I hope this helps!!

Start Up, Start Over Worksheet

If you have questions as you’re going along, please reach out! I’d gladly answer any of your questions via email or with my complementary discovery session.

Go ahead and check out the other coaching opportunities coming up to finish off 2019. I’d love to serve you!

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