The Wonder Woman Act: Balancing Busy Mom Life and Big Career Goals

Slaying the never-ending demands of motherhood while also tackling the challenges of building a business or climbing the corporate ladder requires a unique approach to goal-setting. Momlife is wild, unpredictable, and often downright comical. We all have those moments where we think even Wonder Woman would trade her golden lasso to go hide in a closet with a pint of ice cream. 

Let’s dive into some of my favorite goal-setting tips that can be mastered without actual superpowers:

Family-Centric Specifics

Define your goals with both your family’s current needs and your business objectives in mind. Instead of generic goals like “grow my business,” set specific, measurable targets that consider your family’s schedule and needs. Remember that your current family dynamic will inevitably change as your kids grow, and the chaos (or calm!) that is your now will not always be the norm. When it’s brutal, this too shall pass. When it’s blissful, this too shall pass.


Family-Driven Relevance

Ensure that the goals you set resonate with your vision for both your family and your business. Striking the balance between ambitious and realistic when setting goals is easier when you have clarity on your core values. This isn’t picking what matters and what doesn’t, but rather prioritizing what matters most so that you can make choices with purpose. Whether it’s achieving financial stability, creating a flexible work schedule, or setting an example of resilience for your children, aim for achievable milestones that push your entrepreneurial boundaries while allowing flexibility for unexpected parenting responsibilities. And remember it’s okay to revisit this as your family dynamics evolve over time.

Time-Bound Tasks with Mom-Friendly Deadlines

Establish clear deadlines to keep yourself accountable while accommodating your family’s needs. Set realistic timelines for achieving each goal, considering the time constraints of childcare and CEO of the home responsibilities. Then break down those goals into measurable milestones that align with your family commitments. Whether it’s increasing sales or expanding your client base, quantify your milestone timelines in a way that honors your time with your children.

Flexibility and Mom Resilience

Embrace flexibility and resilience as cornerstones of your goal-setting strategy. As a working mom, unexpected challenges are inevitable. Stay adaptable, adjusting your goals and strategies as needed to maintain harmony between your family life and business pursuits. Broadening your view of home/work balance from a day to a week to or even a month will help you give yourself grace when one area demands more time than you want. Have a plan in place for those common yet wildly unpredictable (and never timely!) sick kid days so you get back on track quickly.

Seek Support

Even Wonder Woman needs a sidekick sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family, friends, or other moms. Whether it’s sharing the load of diaper duty or watching your toddler for a few hours while you draft that crucial work presentation, moms supporting moms is powerful. Having a small, trusted group of women to keep you accountable and lend an ear or a hand when you need it can be the only thing that keeps you going when you want to throw in the towel. Be intentional about seeking support.

Celebrate Milestones

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – then add vodka and throw a party! Celebrate every milestone, big or small, with the pomp and flair of a royal coronation. Every achievement deserves a round of applause – or maybe a victory dance in your pajamas.

So, dear friends, embrace the chaos, find the humor in the madness, and set goals that’ll make you laugh, cry, and save the world – because every Mama is a Wonder Woman. Instead of a shiny leotard and a cape, we have messy buns and dog hair-covered leggings, changing the world one home and one kid at a time. 

On purpose, for a purpose. Love you, mean it!