I’ve found my next One Thing that will help me reach an important goal. What’s yours? What’s the next One Thing that you can focus on that will help the others fall in to place?

I started the Whole 30 on Sunday.
I’ve never done it before!! And I didn’t even consider it as something that I wanted to try. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my share of elimination diets. I discovered almost 15 years ago that gluten was not my friend. And, sugar just makes me act all kinds of crazy!

So, why Whole 30 now??

For the past year, I’ve been working pretty diligently on some fitness goals, especially around running and that number on the scale. I’m not one to “diet.” Honestly, I’m just more interested in eating healthy as a choice most of the time. But, I can get on that slippery slope of eating too much chips and salsa, little snips of candy or sweets, and sneaking pieces of bread (that I know don’t work for me!) And I’ve felt myself sliding—even though I KNOW BETTER!!

I’ve been thinking about the focus question from The One Thing, especially in regards to this health goal.

My first step? Reach out to my friend Kim McPherson with A Weigh to Lose. She is a health and fitness coach. Being a coach myself, I know how helpful accountability can be! Maybe Kim can help me tighten my focus. Maybe she can point out a few little tips that will make a big difference. Maybe I can just think of her every time I want to serve up a tasty pile of chips and salsa.

Sitting in her cozy office for our first meeting, I spy a couple of cookbooks lying around. I’m a sucker for a new, colorful cookbook. So, I start flipping through a keto one….I see a few good recipes, but nothing that really grabs my interest. As I’m about to leave, I notice the Whole 30 cookbooks. I’d heard plenty about Whole 30 and was not interested in the program, but the book is beautiful and has some great looking recipes that are right up my alley!!

Once I got home, I realized that only half the book was recipes! The first half was all about the program. I don’t know why, exactly. It may have been a prompting of the Spirit—it could have been just good ol’ curiosity, but something made me read the first half of that book—and I was hooked!!

It all makes sense to me. I believe that food is medicine and the fuel for a fit and healthy body. And, I believe that I’ve been having symptoms that are related to food choices. I thought that before I even went to visit Kim (remember I’ve known for years that gluten and sugar are no Bueno for my body—but I’ve been eating too much of them anyway).

So, for the past week, I’ve been reading this book. Thinking about all that I know about how my body works best. Putting the pieces of different symptoms I’ve been experiencing (poor blood work, bloating, inflammation in my neck) and feeling more and more convicted that this was #theonething that would make the biggest difference in reaching my goals!