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Is your To Do List out of control?
Are you easily distracted from what’s REALLY important to you?

Our team understands what it feels like to...

...rush from work to pick up the kids on time, yet still have tasks left to accomplish.

...have everything look right on the outside, but feel "empty" and devoid of purpose on the inside. responsible for running a healthy organization yet feeling like a fraud.

You were created to make an impact

Our Coaching & Consulting Services

Chelsey Harrington

Parent and Family Coach


  • Potty Learning
  • Body safety
  • Nature & Play
  • Feeding

Selena Ulasewich

Life Harmony Coach


  • Goal Setting
  • Small Business Owners
  • Enneagram Expert
  • Leadership Coaching

Becca Mitchell

IMPACT Mastermind Certified Coach


  • Accomplish your goals
  • Grow as a person
  • Develop meaningful relationships

Leon Bloder

IMPACT Mastermind Certified Coach


  • Church Goal Setting
  • Organizational Health
  • Facilitating Groups
  • Pastoral Health

Leia Morshedi

ADHD Coach


  • Find Focus & Confidence
  • Achieve Better Sense of Self
  • Time Management
  • Achieve Better Life Balance

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  • Make a strategic plan
  • Meet your specific needs

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  • Side-by-side relationship
  • Make progress
  • Receive accountability
  • Be encouraged

Make an Impact

  • Experience harmony
  • Make a positive IMPACT
  • Be courageous

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